Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome


Information for the family and relatives of a young person who has died of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome – SADS sometimes called sudden adult death syndrome.

What is SADS?

You may be reading this website because a young relative of yours – perhaps a member of your own family – has died suddenly and unexpectedly. This is not only a tragedy for the person and all your family, but a great loss for society too.

You may still be asking why it happened, and how it could have happened to someone so young and who perhaps seemed so healthy. Or maybe your doctor has suggested that you should have some tests to find out if you have inherited the same medical condition as the person who has died.

This website outlines the possible causes of sudden death in young people and children. It concentrates on the medical conditions responsible for a sudden unexpected death where a definite cause cannot be found, even after a postmortem.

This is called Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, or SADS

What is SADS?

When a young person dies suddenly

Free booklet produced by Cardiac Risk in the Young

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